• Jun 06, 2012

    KRC-7 products for Kitchen and Bath cleaning and care are recommended by most leading bath and shower manufacturers.  KRC-7 Bathroom Cleaner is the best cleaner to use to remove hard water stains, rust, mineral deposits, mildew, algae and oxidation from a wide variety of surfaces. Simply apply to surface and let KRC-7 do all the work!  It is non-abrasive and will not damage your shower or bath unit.  Recommended by Aqua Glass and other leading bathr manufacturers  for cleaning their shower and tub units.

  • Jan 31, 2012

    Our KRC-7 Products are recommended by leading bath and shower manufacturers for cleaning and maintaining multiple surfaces without abrasives. The KRC-7 product line is now packaged in an easier to read, easier to handle multi-spray bottle. The same effective professional formula products are now in a newly advanced package.

  • Jan 06, 2012

    Artisan Paver Care products are available in one gallon and five gallon containers. Artisan products meet or exceed all V.O.C. regulations and do not contain any muraitic, hydrochloric, nitric or hydrofluoric acids that present chemical exposure and handling problems and could potentially harm or degrade paving stones.

    Easy to use products for a lifetime of natural beauty, protection and funcion.