Our Brands

KRC-7® Bath & Kitchen Care Products

Our bathroom and kitchen care products includes some of our best selling items. KRC-7 Bathroom Cleaner is now available in an easy to use 32oz trigger spray bottle. This high foaming, spray version is called KRC-7 ULTRA. KRC-7 ULTRA contains the same amounts of powerful cleaning ingredients as KRC-7 Original, for superior cleaning results on difficult to clean surfaces. In addition to our class leading KRC-7 Bathroom Cleaners, we offer a full line of other professional strength cleaners including: KRC-7 CARPET, KRC-7 MULTI, KRC-7 CLEAN, KRC-7 RESTORE, KRC-7 GLASS and KRC-7 PROTECT.

WhirlAway® Plumbing System Cleaner

If you have a whirlpool or spa, it is imperative that the internal plumbing system is kept clean to eliminate contaminates and other accumulations that produce bacteria and sulfides, which in turn produce objectionable odors. WhirlAway does not contain any chlorine compounds or hypochlorite bleach. WhirlAway is environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable and meets the Toxic Substance Control Act guidelines. WhirlAway is FDA classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).

Artisan® Stone Care Products

An easy to understand and easy to use product line specifically developed for natural stone surfaces. Our line includes every day products like MAINTAIN, which is a spray and wipe product that can be used on any natural stone surface. Our Artisan product line also includes CLEAN, which is an intensive cleaner with a neutral pH, spray and wipe POLISH for any polished or honed stone and protectants such as SEAL and ENHANCE.

Artisan® Paver Care Products

In addition to our Artisan natural stone care line, we also manufacture a full line of paver, brick and masonry products. This line includes products for efflorescence removal, rust and oil stain removal, to sealers, protectants and color enhancers.


Artisan® Building Restoration Products

Artisan Building Restoration Products are blended with the most effective ingredients, combining ease of use, safety and the environment. All Artisan products meet or exceed all V.O.C. regulations and do not contain any muriatic, hydrochloric, nitric or any added hydrofluoric acids that present chemical exposure and handling problems for the applicators and could potentially harm or degrade masonry.

Artisan® Anti Graffiti Products

A simple but effective line of products that makes graffiti removal and maintenance simple. Our line includes a sacrificial anti graffiti coating, a water-based, breathable masonry treatment, a 2-part permanent barrier and our specially formulated remover for all 2-part barriers that is NMP free. Also included in this line are DWR-II Graffiti Remover for smooth surfaces and DWR Graffiti Shadow Stain Remover for masonry surfaces.

DWR® Deck & Wood Care Products

Do not be fooled by inexpensive bleach (hypochlorite) based deck and wood cleaners. Bleach based products are effective against mold and mildew but do not remove dirt, stains and other surface contaminates. Not only is bleach ineffective, it also will damage wood surfaces leaving them pale and discolored. DWR® Restoration Products restore the natural beauty of wood without damaging it. See our full line of strippers, cleaners and brighteners.

StripIt® Paint & Coating Removal Products

The StripIt line includes some newly developed, environmentally friendly paint and coating removers. StripIt can use used on interior and exterior surfaces including concrete, brick, stone, metal, wood, fiberglass and other surfaces. Use the appropriate StripIt product to remove multiple coats of latex, acrylic, urethane, varnish, lacquer, alkyds and industrial coatings.


New England® Deck & Wood Stains

New England Deck & Wood Stains provide a long lasting finish for all exterior wood decking, siding, fencing and outdoor furniture. This   exceptional stain is easy to apply and resistant to scuffing and fading. As with any stain, the ability to penetrate wood is a key factor to long-term performance. Unlike acrylic deck stains, which have a large particle size, New England products have a small particle size, allowing for deep penetration into the wood.