StripIt® Safer Water Based GEL Paint & Coating Remover

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A non-hazardous paint and coating remover that is ultra low V.O.C. StripIt Gel can be safely used for interior and exterior applications. StripIt Gel is particularly effective on horizontal surfaces. Stripit Gel does not contain any methylene chloride, methanol, NMP, petroleum distillates or caustic.

This truly unique, water based remover can be used to remove multiple coats of latex, acrylic, urethane, varnish, lacquer, floor finish build-up, adhesive, lead based paint and architectural and industrial coatings. StripIt Safer Water Based Paint Remover Gel can be safely used on concrete, brick, pavers, natural stone, metal, wood, ceramic, fiberglass and other surfaces.

StripIt Gel does not require neutralization.